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Make sure the front foot and ankle is pointed up in the air (dorsiflexion)

and back foot is standing up on toes


  1. High knee tuck (straight back)

  2. High knee run (arms, ankle cocked)

  3. Butt kick stretch (can use opposite arm for balance)

  4. Butt kick run (as many steps as possible)

  5. Straight leg march (pull the ankle up to your belly button, keep chest straight up)

  6. Single leg march (stiff knee, kick up opposite hand to opposite foot, go higher each time, go up on ankles)

  7. Lunge (take a huge step and push hip into the ground, reach over with opposite hand to get hip stretched, pause if you need to)

  8. Reverse lunge (balance and coordination, remove middle step, have to tighten core to do it)

  9. Lateral lunge (big wide step, drive hip down to stretch the adductors)

  10. Waiter’s bows (kick that foot out, keep back flat by throwing hips back, drive chest toward the knee)

  11. Heel to toe walk (cock ankle with toes up, roll through and extend ankle)

  12. Reverse hip circle walk (rotate hips back, keep square, get knee up as high as possible)

  13. 10 Body weight squats (hands interlaced behind head, elbows behind torso, torso upright, drop hips right between heels)

  14. 5 Single leg toe touch (stand tall, opposite hand overhead, completely sink down so bend at the kneed)

  15. Low lateral shuffle (go as low as you can go, feet never go inside your shoulders)

  16. Power lateral shuffle (drive with outside leg)

  17. Karaoke shuffle (Pick back knee up and slap it down)

  18. Backwards Reach Run (running backwards, but throwing your leg back) & Straight legpulls (running forward with knees straight)

  19. 5 Back pedal & sprint (start at 60% and go to 100%; hips bent so that torso is 45%)

  20. 5 Fire hydrants (5 with one second pause, 5 fluid)

  21. 5 hip circles (Throw leg back, squeeze glute and as big a circle back), (5 with pause, 5 fluid)

Warming Up Body

Warming Up Hands

Please watch Katrina Dowd at 41:17

In particular, stick twirling at 43:00 & the trick at 51:10.

Not only will these moves look cool on the field, but they'll also teach you how to move your hands up & down the stick

Warming Up Wrists

1 Handed Catch & Throw at 4:50.  Just do it holding the shaft halfway up.

Coach Reese calls it snapping the wrist.  Make sure your wrists break both throwing & catching.

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